Making your Partnership or Relationship work for both of You!

Human Design Partnership Analysis

              Yes, that's what I/we want!                 

When two people come together something else is created – a “third entity” that represents the connection dynamics.

  • It is fixed like your individual design and has its own strengths, limitations and “hot-spots.”
  • You can’t change it – you can only seek to understand and recognize the dynamics.
  • It is NOT about “fixing” the other person.
  • It is about UNDERSTANDING the dynamics of the relationship.
  • Are you ready to discover what else is possible for you and your (potential) Partner, whether it is for Business or Personal?

Look at your partnership design before giving up!

What is asking for trouble and not sustainable in any relationship is trying to change the other to your liking. We all have traits, habits and idiosyncrasies that could irritate the partner and possibly destroy the relationship. Every Partnership has its strengths and its challenges. Know that there is nothing wrong with either one of you! The beauty of Human Design is the opportunity to objectively see the energetic dynamics in the Partnership. This is not personal, it is about the mechanics of your Human Design!

Understanding your Partner 

Maybe your Partnership is struggling, however, there is a genuine desire to see how you can improve that relationship. Or you are seriously thinking of entering into a relationship, then knowing how both of you tick (together), will make all the difference! One of the main criteria to make any type of relationship work, is communication: Truly understanding your partner on a level beyond words!

Part 1

The Essentials of your and your partner's Design. How you operate individually

  • Understanding how each person operates in the world.
  • The best way to interact with each other
  • How to best support each other in making decisions
  • The skills and strengths each of you possess
  • The challenges each of you regularly face

Part 2

How both your Human Designs function when you're together

  • The overall theme of your Partnership
  • The Strengths your Partner has and you haven't
  • How will you affect each other emotionally.
  • The themes where you can get into trouble if you overstep your boundaries.
  • The keys to making your Partnership/Relationship work

€ 237 (live on Zoom)

Meet Lidewy (Li) Isings

Li was born in the Netherlands, studied, worked & lived abroad since the 80s.

She has a background in counselling psychology, nutritional sciences, traditional (Chinese) healing & many healthy lifestyle modalities.

Li has worked as a Business Design Mentor and Innovation Consultant in many emerging industries and took a deep dive in 2013 to offer her skills to Individuals as well. She is certified in various coaching areas, including co-active coaching, Human Design and Business Human Design, holistic health and life coaching.

Her gift is to see your unique gifts you were born with as well as your vulnerabilities (physical, mental and emotional) as an alchemy of your who you really are, to co-create new career opportunities with you, from a simple seed to a blossoming service.

Li has a track record of 40 years working in and for many global industries, combined with a deep understanding of the Human Design system, Design Thinking and Service Creation Methods, which have shaped that what she is offering you today.

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